As a single destination directory for Maine businesses we provide a one-stop-shop to help people find the Maine product or service they need.  As a business owner, having your business in a targeted directory like Maine Shop can help you stand out among the crowd. It provides an opportunity for folks to find you just by being interested in Maine businesses or products. 

Other benefits include:

Helps search engine placement
A listing in Maine Shop also helps drive traffic to your website by providing an additional destination point for your business in search results when folk are looking for you on Google, Yahoo or Bing.  The fact that you have a listing here provides more "link authority" for your very own website thereby giving you an edge over your competition.  If you don't have a website people can still call you.  (pssst... if you need a website just visit and get one for free!)

Membership is inexpensive, for a limited time only $99 per year and you get to try Maine Shop for free for 60 days!

Social Media Integration
If you have Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube or a blog, just make them part of your profile and links to your accounts are created auto-magically.

Affiliate bonus
Once a month, a randomly selected member is chosen from Maine Shop, and with your help a FREE banner ad is created for placement for one month on!  That is at least a $100 value!

Other options
And if you are interested in really promoting your business, you can try advertising on Maine Shop with a banner ad.   Banner ads cost a little more, you can provide your own or we can create one for you.  Learn more about banner advertising on Maine Shop.

Our Job

Our job is to promote Maine Shop so that folks searching for Maine products and services find us... so that they can find you!  You might see us on TV, or hear our Ad on the radio or see our Advertising on other websites.  We do all of this so that your business can benefit!

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